Tumis Ayam Brokoli

Semua orang tentunya mempunyai Role model nya sendiri dalam beberapa hal. Untuk dalam hal makanan saya mempunyai 3 Role model yang sangat saya kagumi yaitu Mama saya, Donal Skehan dengan chanel-chanelnya yang menarik di Youtube dan Sarah Carey, seorang chef yang ahli dengan Chinese Cuisine. Resep ini saya dapatkan dari chanel youtube Sarah Carey, Everyday Food. Beliau sangat komunikatif dan sangat detail menjelaskan setiap resep masakannya. Pertama kali saya menonton chanelnya dengan tidak sengaja, saya langsung jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama! SHE IS STUNNING! Berikut saya akan sedikit mereview resepnya dan sedikit memodifikasinya.

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Ginger Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce Stir-Fry (Tumis Ayam Jahe dan kecap Manis)

Woah the euphoria of Ramadan is already felt on the air, it’s time to spend time with my family, I miss them so much! I’ve been in Bandung for 9 months now aaaand I’m slightly freaked out that 1 week from now I can’t post my lovely recipes on my Instagram for 29 days! In Ramadhan we (muslim) are not allowed to eat and drink during the day until the sunset for 29-30 days. But I’m ignoring that thought from now on, I will share to you my Ginger Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce.

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Squid With Kemangi Leaves

Sometimes food can bring sweet memories of our childhood, that is why I love food very much. I was born in Timor-Leste with a little family that get used to be a guinea pig for every single recipe my mom got from the tv show every evening. My mom loves cook as much as she loves us. Our favorite dishes are mostly sea foods, we live near the beach and we can get the ingredients so fresh from fishing boats near the fish market.

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Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Krapow Gai)

Last night I saw some interesting recipes on internet and I wrote down some of it and hope I can cook it someday. It’s sunday and I’m off from workout so I need something healthy for my diet, something good for my muscles to grow more lol. Maybe dish with high protein and carb would be nice. I went to the supermarket near my flat and bought some fresh ingredients. Remember to use fresh ingredients for every dishes because nothing gives more flavor to your food than fresh ingredients.

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