Tumis Daging Paprika

Laper bisa bikin baper loh, daripada baper mending masak aja. Daripada baper sama tugas akhir yang gak beres-beres nih saya mau bagi resep enak Tumis daging paprika, simple dan sangat mudah. Paprika dengan tekstur crunchy dan manis bercampur dengan gurihnya daging sapi empuk, sangat juicy dan tentu saja menyehatkan. Boleh nih coba masak buat Mama, Papah, kakak atau adik.

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Ginger Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce Stir-Fry (Tumis Ayam Jahe dan kecap Manis)

Woah the euphoria of Ramadan is already felt on the air, it’s time to spend time with my family, I miss them so much! I’ve been in Bandung for 9 months now aaaand I’m slightly freaked out that 1 week from now I can’t post my lovely recipes on my Instagram for 29 days! In Ramadhan we (muslim) are not allowed to eat and drink during the day until the sunset for 29-30 days. But I’m ignoring that thought from now on, I will share to you my Ginger Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce.

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Pan-Fried Rosemary Lemon Chicken

These past couple of months I posted my pictures on my instagram and my blog as a hobby i pursue. I did it because I love it, I did not expect it could make money. A friend of mine offered me a job for make a concept and take some pictures of a new brand risoles in Bandung.

I’m so excited even words can’t explain it so I prepared everything in the night and make sure everything I need in the list were ready. The next morning I met the client in their house and did some attractions how to plating and make dishes look awesome.

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